Aura Kingdom (Aeria Games): Game Review

Aura Kingdom

This is one of those “Must-Play” games, and this is an MMORPG. It has pretty cool graphics, and has a lot of classes compared to the game I’ve played before.

I’m MegumiAnzai of AG/AK, and it’s the best I’ve played (Well, because it’s the only–). 

If you like Anime and MMOs, this is the game you’ll get, especially if you love RPGs.

You’re playing online with others, and you’re also doing an RPG at the same time.

Out of 10 stars,

I’d give it 10.




On PC.

Except for Minecraft and osu! which is both, but AK isn’t ^^

I’m playing as a Wizard (Couldn’t decide between Wizard and Sorcerer, but I chose Wizard because Megumi seems more of a Wizard),Image


Virtue’s Last Reward 3DS Review

Virtue’s Last Reward

It’s a really nice game, good plot, like, “NUUUUUUUUU DUN DIEEEEEEE”

Or *spoilers*




So yeah.

About Sigma and Phi, forced to play the 3rd Nonary Game, but, Ambidex Edition.

Out of 10, it’d be 10.

Great game, I highly suggest it.

Rated M though.

Pokemon Bank, now released here in the Philippines!

It was released on Feb. 5, but I just got it today.

Stupid connection isn’t letting me purchase the trial.

My pass expired, and the trial ends on Feb 14…?

PB is good, looks cool, sounds cool.

So much things to do…school is almost ending!

I need to get up, and update my stories.

Hmm…how should I do it…

An old friend of mine did a Frozen one…

I’ve never seen it so I can’t…

I re-call making a Hetalia crossover with something.

No no, not Nonary Game: Hetalia-Ambidex Edition…

Anyways, Pokemon Bank is actually something you can use to trade Pokemon in X, Y, BW2. It’s really cool, but after the trial, you need to pay. It depends on where you are. My 3DS is set to America since it’s an American 3DS, not like my friend who’s 3DS is set to Singapore since it’s a Singaporean 3DS. Now what…

I need a really good plot….


I even promised myself to make a new series–


“Nothing Matters” series!

Oh wait, I purchased the trial!


3000 Pokemon?! WTH

Anyways, that’ll be all for now! Hasta La Pasta Minna!

Nintendo eShop is temporarily offline

Alright, there.

Nintendo fans, Zelda fans, and ESPECIALLY THE POKEMON FANS! Hear me out.

I was going to get Pokemon Bank and the Transporter just yesterday, to find out it was postponed. Alright.

But I was pissed off.

Today came, just earlier morning, I went to check if the game was ready.

Booted up my 3DS, went to eShop, to only find out,

It was temporarily offline.

So basically, I was even more pissed off.

I’m going on a trip, and there’s no internet there.

Pissed off meter: Average

I already have the Grieseous Orb for my Giratina…and I badly want a Celebi no matter the level! I can always raise it in the Day Care!

Pissed off meter: Average-High

*sigh* I swear…and then the 30th I’m leaving…

Pissed off meter: HIGH

So yeah…

Bai guys…


Need help! (PMDe)

It’s been a while, non?

Anyways, I need help on my PMDe.

First off,

I made my model.




There’s color for EVERYTHING except the base…

That is, unless orignally, the skin has NO color at all, which SUCKS.

Anyways, do you have ANY idea on how?

Texture-ing, isn’t in my ability to edit, so…yeah…help 😀


Also, I got some RPG games (Ib and Mad Father), and I dunno whether to make a Let’s Play. Should I, or not? And what game that works for Mac? OSX (Mavericks)? Thanks!

K, awaaaaaaaaay~!

A new story in mind…

So I was playing Layton Brothers: The Mystery Room.

Orignally, was going to get Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy since it’s new to me

But then AA wasn’t compatible with iOS 7 yet, so I had to get another game.

I really enjoyed the first 2 cases, and got me to thinking, “A detective as…a writer…Man, being a detective is SO cool!”

So, I thought of making a ‘sequel’ to Pearl’d Nuzlocke.

But it isn’t entirely a ‘sequel’

It’s like…

A ‘prologue’

But it isn’t

All I need, are some cases,

And I’ll get them to solving

Anyways, that’s all for now,

When done, I’ll post it here, and in FictionPress, nee?


Star Punch!

New updates to this blog

It hasn’t been a while, just yesterday XD

Anyways, so, let’s begin?

Firstly, the background has changed, and it is now Sweden and Finland (Berwald & Tino). Why? I kinda like SuFin, it’s my OTP. Then, I’m a Hetalian now ^^

Secondly, I need some questions to answer. I get bored a lot.

Thirdly, I wanna do like a chatting thingy here. There’s a format which allows it 😀

Then…I dunno~

Star punch and Hasta La Pasta, minna~!

Character Information – Italy Veneziano

Character Information – Italy (Veneziano)

Name: Italy/North Italy
Real name: Italy Veneziano
Human Name: Feliciano Vargas
Status: Alive (Duh, Italy IS alive, right?)
Age: 20 (Human Age)
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown (manga), Auburn (Anime)
Eye color: Brown (manga), Amber (Anime)
Birthday: March 17
Height: 172 cm/5’7.7″ (Wow…Am I almost as tall as him?)
Debut: Episode 1, Volume 1 (Chapter 1), Gakuen Hetalia, Hetalia Drama CD: Prologue
Seiyuu: Daisuke Namikawa, Aki Kanada (Chibitalia/Young Italy), Shounosuke Hitachi (Drama CD)
Voice Actor: Todd Haberkorn, Brina Palencia (Chibitalia/Young Italy)

Alright, probably it! So, Star punch and….HASTA LA PASTA, MINNA~!


Game Review – Project X Zone

Game Review – Project X Zone

Hey! It’s been a while, da? So let’s have a game review!

I just gotten one of the latest games, Project X Zone!


I must say, it’s a really good game! I started fangirling when I heard Devil May Cry, never seen it but heard of it, I was like, “WHAT?! DEVIL MAY CRY?! YOU–?! YOU–?!?!?!?!”

So, I’d give it a 9/10
90% out of 100%

Why only 90?

Haven’t finished, so I’ll be updating once I’m done!

So that’ll be it, Hasta La Pasta, minna!