FAQ :)

So! I will be posting the FAQ!

1# What are the Animengers?
Animengers are a group of followers/subscribers who vow to read everything here! Well, not everything, but you get my point.
2# Who is Animestar?
Animestar is me!!
3# I don’t see the picture in the images
Well, if you can’t, take a quick look at my background, that’s me!
4# What will you post here rather than anime stuff?
Pretty much random stuff, Pokemon Walkthroughs if possible, random walkthroughs, and anything I wanna post!
5# Lyrics?
6# Drawings?
7# Nendoroids/Figma?
Yup. Or maybe. Not yet sure though.
8# Will you do like a signature pose like Pewds?
Hm..I still thinkin though. Ah! I know!

So yeah! Hope you’ll like me! Do the Star Punch! Just punch anything! Woo hoo!


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