Axis Powers: Hetalia Review

I just watched APH for a while, sorry, I never knew of it before, and I wasn’t able to watch it. Anyways, I’d start reviewing.

I’d give it a perfect 10. 


It’s pretty funny, and educational. It teaches us about WW1 and WW2. Which helps those who needs to study.

So, if you never heard of it, and reading this, you might as well watch it. Just be aware of the cussing there.

I hope you enjoyed, didn’t have enough time to type! Sorry!

Hasta La Pasta! Star, out!



Game Review: Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir

It’s been long, nee?

So, here’s a game review of Spirit Camera for the 3DS! And I don’t have the game, but I’ve watched others play, so I can tell right away some stuff.

It would be a….

78% over 100%

Why? Most puzzles make no sense, especially when trying to fight against the Cursed Hand. You need to do some stuff with the AR Book, which is entirely annoying.

Also because of the remaining percentage, is because for the horror parts. Though it can be inappropriate for really young kids (I’d say you need to be 10 if not teen), since the Lady in Black/Woman in Black RIPS off the faces of people! No mercy! But I’d have to say, it’s really creepy, especially at night, BUT, you can’t play at night, since you need to use the AR Book! That’ll be all!