Character Information – Italy Veneziano

Character Information – Italy (Veneziano)

Name: Italy/North Italy
Real name: Italy Veneziano
Human Name: Feliciano Vargas
Status: Alive (Duh, Italy IS alive, right?)
Age: 20 (Human Age)
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown (manga), Auburn (Anime)
Eye color: Brown (manga), Amber (Anime)
Birthday: March 17
Height: 172 cm/5’7.7″ (Wow…Am I almost as tall as him?)
Debut: Episode 1, Volume 1 (Chapter 1), Gakuen Hetalia, Hetalia Drama CD: Prologue
Seiyuu: Daisuke Namikawa, Aki Kanada (Chibitalia/Young Italy), Shounosuke Hitachi (Drama CD)
Voice Actor: Todd Haberkorn, Brina Palencia (Chibitalia/Young Italy)

Alright, probably it! So, Star punch and….HASTA LA PASTA, MINNA~!



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