Pokemon Bank, now released here in the Philippines!

It was released on Feb. 5, but I just got it today.

Stupid connection isn’t letting me purchase the trial.

My pass expired, and the trial ends on Feb 14…?

PB is good, looks cool, sounds cool.

So much things to do…school is almost ending!

I need to get up, and update my stories.

Hmm…how should I do it…

An old friend of mine did a Frozen one…

I’ve never seen it so I can’t…

I re-call making a Hetalia crossover with something.

No no, not Nonary Game: Hetalia-Ambidex Edition…

Anyways, Pokemon Bank is actually something you can use to trade Pokemon in X, Y, BW2. It’s really cool, but after the trial, you need to pay. It depends on where you are. My 3DS is set to America since it’s an American 3DS, not like my friend who’s 3DS is set to Singapore since it’s a Singaporean 3DS. Now what…

I need a really good plot….


I even promised myself to make a new series–


“Nothing Matters” series!

Oh wait, I purchased the trial!


3000 Pokemon?! WTH

Anyways, that’ll be all for now! Hasta La Pasta Minna!


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