Aura Kingdom (Aeria Games): Game Review

Aura Kingdom

This is one of those “Must-Play” games, and this is an MMORPG. It has pretty cool graphics, and has a lot of classes compared to the game I’ve played before.

I’m MegumiAnzai of AG/AK, and it’s the best I’ve played (Well, because it’s the only–). 

If you like Anime and MMOs, this is the game you’ll get, especially if you love RPGs.

You’re playing online with others, and you’re also doing an RPG at the same time.

Out of 10 stars,

I’d give it 10.




On PC.

Except for Minecraft and osu! which is both, but AK isn’t ^^

I’m playing as a Wizard (Couldn’t decide between Wizard and Sorcerer, but I chose Wizard because Megumi seems more of a Wizard),Image


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