Character Information: Amu Hinamori

So! As you can see, I’ll be giving out some character informations! Let’s start!

Amu Hinamori

Age: 11-12
Grade: 5th-6th
Height: 5″0/152 cm
Status: Alive
Debut: Episode 1
Last Appearance: Episode 125 of Shugo Chara! Party!
Voice Actress: Maeda Yuuka
Amu Hinamori is the protagonist of Shugo Chara!, Shugo Chara! Doki!, and Shugo Chara! Party! (Shugo Chara! Dokki Dokki). She’s the most popular student in Seiyo Academy because of her ‘Cool & Spicy’ attitude.
One day, she wishes to be re-born. Because she didn’t like being cool and spicy. Next day, she had 3 eggs on her bed. After meeting a boy named Tadase Hotori, she fell in love. During the assembly, her guardian character named Ran character transformed with her, and Amu says she likes him. Sadly, she was rejected. She ran away, and fell into a hole, and met a boy named Ikuto Tsukiyomi.

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